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TAG is a program to assist identified gifted students with course selections in both high school and Post Secondary Educational Opportunity Act offerings.  It is intended to enable students to realize their fullest potential through a variety of enrichment and leadership opportunities in the district and community.

The TAG coordinator will meet with identified students regularly to develop educational goals,provide strategies for students learning styles and advocate for the TAG students.  The meetings will be individualized and structured according to the talents and abilities of the students.

Students will identified by the following criteria:

  • Any student formally identified at the end of 8th grade is eligible to participate in the gifted program at the high school level.
  • Newly-identified talented and gifted high school students may come from the following sources:
  • a) Counselors may recommend students based on test scores.  Consistent High-scorers, 95+percentile on national norms in composite or single subjects.
  • b) Teacher recommendation
  • c) Student demonstrates behaviors and attitudes that suggest a need for different instruction beyond those being provided in the regular school programming to realize their individual potential.


Each student identified as having unique educational needs will have an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) developed for him/her.  These students are identified through diagnostic evaluation.  Recommendations are made for appropriate placement and programming through a team effort of parents, educators, and A.E.A. support personnel.  Requirements for graduation shall be met through the regular program when appropriate and/or in special classes as needed.  Special education includes programs for students with a variety of disabilities including intellectual, behavioral and learning disabilities.


*Student must have a current I.E.P. and qualify for resource level support.

In study skills class, we work on skills needed to be a successful learner student.  Some of these skills include reading, writing, math and study skills.  Many concepts taught in other classes are reviewed or additional drill and practice may be given.  Students are taught to be self advocate, lending them to success in their classes.  Students receive an credit for this class.