Grades 9                                                          1 Year – .5 Credit Each Sem.

No Prerequisite

Global Cultures course examines the history, politics, economics, society, and/or culture of one or more regions of the world, such as Africa, Latin America, Europe, Far East Asia, and the Middle East.  These courses may focus primarily on the history of a particular region or may take an interdisciplinary approach to the contemporary issues affecting the region.  Furthermore, these courses may emphasize one particular country (other than the United States), rather than emphasizing a region or continent.


Grades 11                                                            1 Year – .5 Credit  Each Sem.

No Prerequisite

This U S History course will provide a broad overview of the story of the American Nation from 1900 to today.  Topics covered include:  Industrialization, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Progressive Era, Great Depression and Civil Rights.  In addition to the normal goal of increased knowledge and understanding of the history of our country, hopefully, the student will develop attitudes, values, and inquiry skills which will aid the students in whatever paths they choose.


Grades 12                                                                               1 Semester – .5 Credit

No Prerequisite

U.S. Government – Comprehensive course provides an overview of the structure and functions of the U.S. government and political institutions and examine constitutional principles, the concepts of rights and responsibilities, the role of political parties and interest groups, and the importance of civic participation in the democratic process.  This course may examine the structure and function of state and local governments and may cover certain economic and legal topics.


Grades 12                                              1 Semester – .5 Credit/3 Credits with Clinton Community College

Prerequisite: Meet Clinton Community College Entrance Requirements

A survey of American government and politics.  It includes discussion of the historical foundations and fundamental principles of American democracy, the basic institutions of government, the fundamental rights of citizens and the public policy process.


Grades 9-10-11-12                                                                    1 Semester – .5 Credit

No Prerequisite

Contemporary U.S. Issues course studies the political, economic, and social issues facing the United States, with or without am emphasis on state and local issues.  These courses may focus on current issues or may examine selected issues that span throughout the 20th century to the present.


Grades 10-11-12                                                                       1 Semester – .5 Credit

No Prerequisite

Modern World History courses provide an overview of the history of human society in the past few centuries-from the Renaissance period, or later, to the contemporary period-exploring political, economic, social, religious, military, scientific, and cultural developments.

ECONOMICS                                                                       1 Semester – .5 Credit

Grades 10-11-12

No Prerequisite

Economics courses provide students with an overview of economics with primary emphasis on the principles of microeconomics and the U.S. economic system.  These courses may also cover topics such as principles of macroeconomics, international economics, and comparative economics.  Economic principles may be presented in formal theoretical contexts, applied contexts, or both.


Grades 10-11-12                                                                        1 Semester – .5 Credit

No Prerequisite

Sociology courses introduce students to the study of human behavior in society.  This course provides an overview of sociology, generally including (but not limited to) topics such as social institutions and norms, socialization and social change, and the relationships among individuals and groups in society.


Grades 10-11-12                                                                    1 Semester – .5 Credit

No Prerequisite

Psychology course introduces students to the study of individual human behavior.  Course content typically includes (but is not limited to) an overview of the field of psychology, topics in human growth and development, personality and behavior, and abnormal psychology.


Grades 11-12                                                1 Semester – .5 Credit/3 Credits with Clinton Community College

Prerequisite: Meet Clinton Community College Entrances Requirements

An examination of the fundamentals of behavior.  Designed to familiarize students with human behavior, how it is studied and the applications of the results of that study.  Theoretical issues, comprehension of research findings and research techniques will also be examined.